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Billiard Table Room Size Required

Need to know what size space you need to get your very own table? Here are some handy guides

The standard question anyone asks….will it fit in my room or office space. Here is a guide that we hope will help you decide which table you can accommodate with ease:

Full Size Snooker Table Size – 3.66m x 1.83m
Room Size Required – 6.71m x 4.88m

3/4 Size Snooker Table Size – 2.74m x 1.37m
Room Size Required – 5.79m x 4.42m

Half Size Snooker Table Size – 2.44m x 1.22m
Room Size Required – 5.18m x 4.11m

Standard 7ft Pool Table Size – 1,2m x 2,1m
Room Size Required – 4,2m x 5,1m

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